Making a Difference

submitted by UKCP board member Debra Walker

What great music I heard at choir rehearsal! Having just worked in the hot, buggy pumpkin patch, I walked into the sanctuary, felt the cool air and heard beautiful music coming from the UKCP chorus. It was so uplifting.

I don’t have a strong singing voice myself; my vocal performances have been limited to singing lullabies to my kids when they were small and occasionally singing along with the ipod in the car. I do play instrumental music pretty well–flute, keyboard, bells—mostly for audiences in church, but also for the community band. I feel it’s a skill I have that I can give back to my community.

But a choir of voices praising God in four part harmony and confirming the birth of the Beautiful One, that’s especially enthralling. Thank God we all bring different skills to share with the world!

It reminds me of a famous quote from anthropologist Gregory Bateson, “It’s the differences that make a difference that make a difference.”

Say it twice to get the full effect.

Bateson was referring to differences between human cultures worldwide; some differences are insignificant, such as whether we eat with chopsticks, fingers or knife and fork. We can all learn to feed ourselves sufficiently.

Other differences can be life changing, like building a home in the keys without paying attention to hurricane code.

By participating in the Upper Keys Christmas Project, you are choosing to make a significant difference in the lives of people in your community. In “Search for the King” there is a message of hope from despair that can make a difference in every life.

Thank you for using your gifts and talents to make the difference that makes a difference in the Upper Keys!

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